a paris guitar.

the december i turned 19, my parents bought me a guitar. the boy i had die-hard-edly had a crush on during my first semester of college [pratt institute, brooklyn, ny, 2000], and, for better or for worse, for about a year thereafter, had taught me my first two chords. [drum role for the irony that is coming, please] e minor and a minor…

sad, sadder, sad. that was the sound of strumming at first.

the first song i learned to play was dar williams’ “iowa”.

[…i’ve never found a way to say i love you, but if the chance came by, oh i, i would…]

this song made use of my primal e minor skills, while adding on two new chords: c and g major. [thank you heather strout, andover, nj, 2001] 

when i came to paris, i decided to leave my guitar, a seagull made in canada, in new jersey with my parents, not willing to allow that first guitar of mine to face the risk of airport handling.

i have been in paris now for two and a half months, and just yesterday i went shopping for a paris guitar. i found one i’d buy, but left it behind, knowing a large purchase feels better after it has macerated some time. it is better to lay the money down for something that feels like it already belongs to you, than for something that feels like it could.


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2 Responses to a paris guitar.

  1. Kristen King says:

    I can’t believe that was college… Dude, I was convinced it was high school. But I guess I got my guitar that first or second college summer, and it was well after you’d gotten yours if I remember correctly. How strange, this time thing.

    I remember the first song you played for me was “Dream.” I still have the sheet you drew the chords out on for me. And I still have an original handwritten copy of “Screw Everybody but the Bear,” too, and I think I need to play that again soon.

    Love this:
    it is better to lay the money down for something that feels like it already belongs to you, than for something that feels like it could.

    Love this too:

  2. scribblelip says:


    I love the things we have shared & am so glad we are still kicking it up. Thank you for encouraging me to get blogging & for bringing traffic my way. sass-pants definitely kicked me in, well, my pants.

    Big hearts – and come back soon, ya’ll, hear?

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