what i got instead of a puppy

instead of a puppy, i got a two-wheeled grocery dolly. more formally: my paris rolly thingy. 

last night we went out for our first walk – me, leading the way, it obediently yet playfully bumping along just behind. 

benefits of the paris rolly thingy: it, unlike the 10 trillion dogs in paris, does not poop on the sidewalk/everywhere and anywhere a foot might fall. and… it, being ruled by one of man’s great inventions, the wheel, greatly diminishes the straight-down force of gravity on my heaviest groceries, for a less my-arms-are-coming-out-of-their-sockets walk home when detergent or milk is on the list.

something which could qualify as a benefit: in my staircased neighborhood, the pulmonary strength training of having to snake around and around the neighborhood to get home with my heavy-as-poop-(but-not-pooping) grocery dolly is, well… marked. 

something which is not a benefit: it’s not a puppy…


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walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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6 Responses to what i got instead of a puppy

  1. wwcutie says:

    Dude. I want a puppy.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You’re really French now, if you have one of those rolly grocery carts! I never got one, but I was always jealous of the people who had them when I was struggling to carry my groceries home.

    • scribblelip says:

      you know… the rolly thing really does change your public image. it’s like have street cred. hahah. i think i realized it was time when my backpack strap started coming unattached to my backpack. too many bottles and cans! too much clapping of hands…! heh.

  3. peng says:

    coucou,,,,salut c’est peng,,je viens te voir.ohhhhhh..ta photo est tres mignonne,je vais lire tous ce que tu as ecrit.

    • scribblelip says:

      PENG :] alors, l’address que je t’ai donne, c’etait correct! merci pour l’apres-midi! c’etait vraiment un plaisir… du cafe – au musee! en fin, je dois commencer a ecrire en francais, n’est-ce pas? on va voir… :]

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