favorite, delightful paris-living things…

i love hanging the laundry to dry. or, that if i have a large load of towels or sheets, i have to fold it up, wet, and carry it to the laundromat to give it a machine dry.

i love that grocery shopping is something i do on foot – that i shop in terms of what i can carry, or what i can drag in my paris-rolly-thingy.

i love that living here has made my body stronger – my arms & legs, the capacity of my lungs – the number of steps i can climb without collapsing, breathless, at the top.

i also love that there are pieces of chocolate in my cereal. like – pieces of CHOCOLATE. there are chocolate CHIPS in my breakfast.

during my years living in virginia, there were two bread items i really missed – diner toast, with its thin, just-right-crispiness & kaiser rolls. at the same time, i grew to love a good southern biscuit. while these bread items still have a place in my heart and a claim on my pallet, the boulangerie/patiserie scene has so expanded my bread pallet that i have not been left craving a lost bread product at all…

i think the things i find myself loving the most are the small things – the things that my favorite people talk about all the time with their photographs, their prayers, their philosophy… the things you see because you notice them & then stop and honor that you have noticed them, that they change who you are & that they give you perspective, broaden your brain and imagination, broaden what you can be capable of, what you can believe in, what-ever.

so, more than arriving at the great edifice of a historic museum, it is stopping in the middle of a foot bridge and gazing up the seine, and then turning around and gazing down. more than sitting down in a glitzy restaurant, sitting down in front of a football game with a slice of tuna tarte on my plate and learning what “offsides” means. more than knowing my way around this entire city, watching amelie for the seventh time, this time without subtitles, and seeing Audrey Tautou stepping out at MY metro into the street around the corner from MY apartment…


and now, a song to send you off with…



About scribblelip

walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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4 Responses to favorite, delightful paris-living things…

  1. chad says:

    now you’ve got it.

  2. hunnicutt says:

    ah ha! i found you!

  3. scribblelip says:

    c – :] yeah. sometimes it’s just a question of letting it in.

    g – hah! nice to be found… :] i miss pickin, man.

  4. natalie says:

    these are nice things to think about to a lovely song, glad to hear life is reveling its beauty to you on these cold days.

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