activity in the kitchen

having finished a mother-load of dishes [this time with no impending mother-visit], and with the washing machine just arriving at the start of its noisy cycle, franky valley shows up on this rather anglophone prone, but usually excellent, radio station.

the sink empty, the washing machine full – what other pleasures does the kitchen have to offer me this morning?

turning the kitchen radio up a lot is something that is mostly reserved for saturday afternoons… the kitchen is the only room that doesn’t share a wall with a neighbor and saturday is the only day when i have the morning to myself & there isn’t a philosopher busy at work in the other room.

besotted, perhaps, by the noise, or by the fact of being so domestically productive – and all before 1pm! – the franky valley tune pulls me in to a dance routine that can only be described as inspired by the richard simmons infomercials of my childhood.

there is an add campaign around these parts… it says “bougez pour votre sante” – move for your health.

try imagining that in richard simmon’s voice with me, will you?

boojay pour votra SANTAY! c’mon! once more! lift it up! to the left!

ahhh… good work imagination… good work.


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walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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