where you’ve been

the guy driving the shuttle between the hotel and the university joked with us this morning – after i’d thanked him for having delayed his departure on our account – that he was just a driver, not a pilot.

i said i was glad to be staying on the ground for the morning & described the small plane we had gotten off of the day before – three seats and an aisle wide.

then he said, “i’ve never flown anywhere in my life.”

in the last seven months or so, i have been on as many if not more flights than in my entire life before this year combined. [from newark to london; from london to paris; from paris to barcelona; from barcelona to paris; from edinburgh to paris; from paris to newark; from newark to san diego; from san diego to houston; from houston to cincinnati…]

if i were to list the places i’ve seen, been to, lived in, etc./as you like it, the list would feel modest to me, no matter how i organized it – by country, region, state, city… i have neither volunteered for americorps nor peacecorps, made no cross-country-by-land sojourns to date. until i have done something of this caliber, i think the list will maintain that modesty.

what i mean to say is: the number of times you’ve stood in line to have your passport looked at or to push your pocket things and backpack down the line to be x-rayed doesn’t quite get at the question – doesn’t exactly answer as to where you’ve been.


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walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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