get me a cliche – make it a double.

my parachute literally does feel like a patchwork.

and it does seem, at this moment, that i am piecing it together in mid-air.

(i did, however, just watch the movie “point break”… and there was sky diving involved. so, maybe i’m borrowing images from that recent sensory-imagination bank.)

let’s get back to the parachute[/patchwork] for a second, here. but in a roundabout way:

on the counter, when i was growing up, there was always a stack of cereal box tops and campbell soup labels. that’s kind of what’s going on here, too. a pile of remnants could just equal a new computer lab for my school…

that’s all i can really say about it right now.

over & out.



About scribblelip

walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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