the mathematics of time zones

i have been waiting for some communication from new york all day today – and so, every time i look at the clock, i pause & recalculate the numbers.

yesterday, there was a six hour difference, but last night was day-light savings in america, making the current difference seven hours.

how to calculate manhattan time at 4:18pm tel aviv time:

4:18 + 12 = 16:18 (add the twelve when necessary to keep your a.m. & p.m. straight!)

16:18 – 7 = 9:18

the woman i am waiting to hear from has, officially speaking, been in her office for 18 minutes. (well, twenty… yes. it took me a full two minutes to describe my mathematical genius.)

i think to refresh my yahoo account – refresh, refresh, refresh…

but then i don’t do it. i’m a few years older – something i feel most poignantly when i am waiting for something to happen and the fact of waiting isn’t absolutely gripping me to the point of total and utter distraction.

by which i mean: WHERE IS MY E-MAIL?!!!?

hehe. oh aging…


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walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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