canned goods & the magic of herbes de provence

budget living recipe of the day.

canned diced beets
canned kernel corn
canned tuna in oil
herbes de provence to taste

put that stuff in a bowl & mix it around.

(yay! you’re well on your way & all you’ve done is open cans & mix!)

wash & cut a few leaves of lettuce. put the lettuce on a plate. add a squirt of lemon juice. if you have some other vegetables in the house, add them to taste, but keep it simple. cucumbers and avocados, for example, which add texture but have mild tastes are GOOD. salt & pepper to taste.

put the canned-stuff mix on top.

holy momma – that is looking like one TASTEY salad…

if you like toast, make some, put some salty butter on & sit yourself down. it’s time to eat.

(you have made this meal on a budget. but neither your tongue nor your belly will have felt cheated in the end.)

yours from france.



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3 Responses to canned goods & the magic of herbes de provence

  1. wwcutie says:

    I always mix black beans, frozen corn, and diced tomatoes – add some chili powder and cumin, cook on the stove for a while until all the flavors mix and everything’s hot – then eat alone, or with cheese and tortilla chips, or as a salsa on something else.

  2. wwcutie says:

    Hey! I’m on your blogroll! Maybe I should blog every once in a while. ;)

  3. scribblelip says:

    ooh. that snappy chili does sound good. hmmm. i’ll have to price the ingredients :] & yes! at least every once in a while… xoxo

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