idea. action. result.

the excellence of accomplishing some thing that began (as things do) with a vague sort of notion of an idea is great…

this is sort of a modest undertaking (though putting it together caused me to stick a needle deep into my finger, drawing blood, which i sucked out and swallowed, then felt nauseous over, remembering from my first aid lesson during my last job training that blood in the stomach makes one puke…) but it felt like a greater-than-modest-undertaking as it moved from notion to idea, then to action… then to outside participation, then to tackling practical issues of assembly [see blood parenthetical], and on, this morning, to footstools, thumbtacks & public display.

i feel good about this.

here it is: the southeast steuben county library children’s department peace quilt. (amen)

[ photo credit: the fabulous Cherie C. ]


About scribblelip

walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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One Response to idea. action. result.

  1. Ima/Shosh says:

    I love it. I even recognize some of the “blocks” as ones created at “my table”. Sorry about your finger – an occupational hazard.

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