upon the engagement of an old friend

in the realm of affect, who the f— really knows what’s going on? a younger scribblelip was known for her expressive silences; “what does that face mean” or “i know that face” or “she’s making that face again” — funny sort of dictionary a circle of friends writes to acknowledge definitions nuanced in ways only intimates grow to appreciate, and that’s where the 52 muscles that make the face make faces gain the scope of meaning.

if a photograph is worth a thousand words, a photograph of an old friend is worth those thousand, plus all of the definitions you think you’ve come to understand to be linked to eyes, cheeks, chin…  but, sometimes, i guess, what you think you remember from those old vocabulary quizzes gets shuffled around. does “dearth” mean you have too much, or not enough? is supercilious a character flaw or a quality? did that taught look about the forehead and jaw mean consideration or consternation?

i guess i missed a muscle or two last time i saw a picture of you, old friend, because the thought bubble i inferred read “help!” and i thought to myself, “friend, run!” but social media chuckled at my reading, and poked back at me with a slender finger – not the middle, but the ring.


About scribblelip

walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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2 Responses to upon the engagement of an old friend

  1. scribblelip says:

    yes sirribobbers. <3 you, maggie

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