scribblelip still exists…

some nights it’s water, other nights it’s beer. that’s ok for now. there’s a lot of self-talk right now.

self-talk while at work: you can persue this huge goal. it is not too huge for you. go, go, go.

self-talk while in the car: it’s ok to get on the highway for a few miles just because you are not ready to go home. go ahead. put the window down. turn the radio up. listen to this crappy music. na na na na na — you make me feel so… na na na na na. get off at the familiar exit. go to the store you reason is likely closed at this hour. find it closed. turn around. go home. no harm done.

self-talk while anywhere at all: you’re ok. you’ll be ok. you’re fine. don’t go outside of yourself to make this better. the betterness is in you. somehow. in you.

this is all ok. there is nothing wrong with any of this.

partnership is an exploration. selfhood, as well. when you get home, self, which you will do when you are ready, you will pour the water, or open the beer and, being home again, you will do whatever comes next… read a poem or a page of a novel you wrote before and realize

scribblelip still exists.

this writing self, it is not your alter-ego, self. it is who you are, how you understand the world… and there are people who are waiting – who are willing – who are ready — people who will value your voice.


About scribblelip

walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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5 Responses to scribblelip still exists…

  1. Maggie says:

    Some of them are even awake at the wee hours in the morning to comment on your post immediately.

    Except, I have nothing profound to say. Just know I’m offering a listening ear.

  2. scribblelip says:

    i love you, maggie stein. come here. show me mas3av’s southern tier…

  3. Grant says:

    … glad

    • scribblelip says:

      hm. i don’t know if the blog will tell you i wrote back to you if i don’t do it as a “reply” to your post. i posted to you in a separate comment. come look. <3

  4. scribblelip says:

    i am so grateful for that kind reminder. pray i stop forgetting when i am sitting on my own… ::hearts to you, g.:: t.s.s.

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