quick reflection. 8.9.2016

it’s ten to eight in the evening and the lights are all the right colors. the sky purple gray in variation, street lights and windows orange and green, the tower banded in a steady red, with flashers at the top and lower down.

i have come and gone from the city of tel aviv (whereas the campus, where i live, is just north of the city) and in doing so:

chatted in Hebrew with my bus seat-mate. we got off at the same stop. she called me “mituka” (sweetie) and held my hand for a moment before we parted on the street

chatted in Hebrew & English with a crafter at the street market. she complemented my glasses. i told her how much that meant to me, since they are new and i wasn’t 100% sure of them. her eyes grew wide. i said it was a big deal and i gave her five and she, too, held my hand for a moment

stopped and admired really amazing, amazing crafts from vendors (some of whom i recognized from visits in previous years…) and started calculating how much it would cost to buy all of the things i fell in love with and thought about coming back and just doing it – buying all of my favorite things. the chamsa, and the pomegranate, and the man with a bird in his head, and the wallet made of my grandfather’s favorite coffee packet, and a glass pendant from the japanese woman who married an israeli, and some glass mezuzot for the people i love. all of it. a market truly full of wonder and love.

bought loose zatar from the vendor who let me taste before i chose. bought halva from the vendor who let me taste before i chose, too. heard the fruit vendor yelling that the tourist should stop taking pictures of his fruit.

took pictures of graffiti. great, great graffiti. and thought about the street art and the wall scribble that abounds in tel aviv. like the street is a coloring book. and thought about street art and hip hop, and english and language, and research topics and things…

took the bus

ate falafel, but definitely not the best falafel… i think the best falafel shop was displaced by a new building and now i have to best-falafel-find all over again

used punctuation and failed to use punctuation

got a headache from riding the bus backwards after eating falafel on the street, during which time, i am fairly certain, falafel fell down my shirt and into bra… or maybe just out the bottom of my shirt, because there is no falafel on me anymore

and had an interview that didn’t feel like an interview and now have to decide if i can swing starting my “stage”… that’s practicum… coincidentally with my first semester. it’s a really great placement opportunity. i will learn a lot… and maybe be overwhelmed… but be traveling into and out of the city center twice a week, compulsory…

and wrote an email

and did ok in class

and bought a box of tea

and looked around, and saw what i recognized, and thought of what i did before, and thought of what i was doing right then, and

now, here i am. and this brief reflection must close. 2.5 hours to read a chapter of a book and take some notes starts:









About scribblelip

walking down the road with a book of conjugations in my hand.
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4 Responses to quick reflection. 8.9.2016

  1. john berry says:

    Sitting here waiting for my vehicle to pass (or fail) inspection, I wonder where the best falafel really is, in Tel Aviv perhaps, just around an unexplored corner, the girl with terrific glasses has yet to explore, maybe here, I doubt, in Virginia, maybe only in imaginings shared.

  2. And your life is “all the right colors.”

    • scribblelip says:

      :] i enjoyed a post of yours i saw today about a fall encounter in the check-out line. well done. the energy of autumn and everything rippled.

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