This is an example of an American girl who grew up in some respects and grew confused in others – who grew into a hundred versions of herself, each one throwing away her own pair of shoes in due time: in effect, each wondering the others into and out of existence.

She finds herself now, at a point that marks some moment. It is being 17×2, though, when she started this blog, it was nearly-being-27… from Europe to EurAsia to Europe to western New York… and now en route to travels international…

scribblelip, born 1981, new jersey
current location: limbo town, va.

time to get back to scribbling.


5 Responses to About

  1. Joanne Umana says:

    I get to swim in Tamar! How blessed am I! <3 Namaste <3

  2. Alix B. says:

    How DOES one become a teacher in France? Will you be there long, dear?

    • scribblelip says:

      JUST saw this comment… there has been much space between me and my blog of late… looking forward to some good eats & some excellent ideas shared across a table or a swath of picnic blanket, or whatever it may be. see you mighty soon & with great pleasure… t.s.s.

  3. Leslie says:

    Happy New Year!!

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